Hey there, Racers!

Our latest update, version 7.8.0, is now available on both Google Play and App Store. Let’s check out the new features and changes!



One of our most significant improvements relates to the blueprint system. We revamped it to make it more transparent and strategic, with white blueprints now being the standard category you can get by winning races. That also means they won’t be bundled with a new car by default anymore and can be sold for cash.

Besides, based on your feedback, we returned the usual way to install white blueprints on Ds and Cs rides.



The new Crates are now available to all players in the in-game store.

The main idea behind the new Crates is to make them more accessible and rewarding, unlike the old ones. Also, we wanted to eliminate the vague difference between various boxes and the rewards inside. So now there is only one type of crate, and you can see all the drop rates in the interface for all kinds of rewards.

We didn't change the rewards too much, but we added new prizes for progression so that you always have something to strive for. We also believe that crates are essential to gameplay, so now you can get a free crate daily without watching ads.

Please note that you can still get old crates for winning races. You can find detailed info about drop rates and mechanics of all crates in the game here.



We see that the first days in the game do not allow newcomers to get involved and fully immerse themselves in the game — this prevents Nitro Nation from getting better and negatively affects the online experience in different modes, including Drift.

We want to help new players feel the game thrill right away and provide a clear and understandable explanation of the basic mechanics and modes. So we've updated the tutorials, interface and the starting car — now, the Nissan Fairlady Z 432 is your excellent companion for the first races. 

We hope it will make it easier to get into the game, master the more complex game modes, and race with you. And the more players, the more fun!



We continue to improve and streamline the game based on your reports. 

We fixed the server issues, so Club Tournament and Team Event modes run as intended — with correct reward accrual and no glitches. We keep an eye on these modes, and should you still encounter any issues, please let us know via in-game support. 

Also, recently we’ve added an in-game mailbox: all the most important news are collected inside. So, don’t forget to check it until April 16tha gift awaits you to celebrate the new update!


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See you on the tracks!