We are thrilled to announce the first electric vehicle in Nitro Nation! That's a major milestone for us, and we are proud to introduce a new electrifying racing experience. We are only beginning our journey and can't wait to see where it takes us!

Let's dig into the details of what the update brings precisely!


🚘 Piëch Mark Zero GT

Welcome the powerful and high-tech beast as the first of its kind in the game! Piëch Mark Zero GT is added as the Sr ride and promises to be quite competitive in its class. 

As the first step, we implemented the basic aspects of electric vehicles and tried to make them realistic and fun. While it may seem familiar, the experience is different.

- Racing. You can race this car in any mode, but using your skills to launch the ride in the correct power range is crucial. During the race, the car doesn't require switching gears.

- Upgrades. You can enhance two categories: weight and tires. For now, the maximum number of cogs is 300, but it gives the same effect as in a fully pimped car. We will change this parameter as we add more upgrade options.

- Tuning. There's only one setting, and it's specific to EV: you can adjust your vehicle's maximum speed versus acceleration, adding a new level of gameplay for different tracks. Finding the right balance here is essential.

- Customization. There are 4 basic colors available, and no restrictions on making your vehicle look unique.

We hope the current implementation will be enjoyable for new and experienced players. While some may find it easy, we are moving forward and considering different options for further development. As we begin exploring this area, we want to ensure we get everything right from the start. That's why your feedback on the first EV in the game is so critical to us. What do you think could be improved? What's your vision for the future of electric vehicles in Nitro Nation?

We take your feedback seriously and will be monitoring all the comments closely. Our goal is to improve electric vehicles and provide you with the best possible experience in the game. 


💚 Nitro Nation x PlanetPlay

It's not by chance that we're introducing the first EV in the game on Earth Day. We have partnered with PlanetPlay, and 50% of every Piëch Mark Zero GT purchase goes to support climate projects.

PlanetPlay is a not-for-profit platform that helps the games industry and its players easily and accessibly contribute to climate-positive action. With the Piëch Mark Zero GT purchase in Nitro Nation, you will get a link via in-game mail to join the PlanetPlay community. On that platform, you will receive special green coins as a reward for purchase and will be able to see your input in the fight against the climate crisis.

Follow the link to learn more about this amazing initiative.


🏆 “Electric Races” Car Series

To truly test the capabilities of the Piëch Mark Zero GT, we've launched a unique Car Series. Beat your opponents and score amazing rewards such as upgrade kits, blueprints, and the chance to win gold and a wildcard — something that's never redundant, right?


⚙️ Other changes

We continue to optimize the game and fix bugs related to the tutorials. If you encounter any technical issues, please let us know via in-game support or nitro-support@cm.games.


✍️ Share your feedback

Thank you for being a part of Nitro Nation, and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to develop and improve our game. We're waiting for your thoughts on all the changes via in-game support or community: Discord server and CM Race Club on Facebook.


Update now on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store and good luck on the track!